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In the fast changing world of professional sport there is an increasing need for an individual approach to management. Altus Sports Management is an agency that ensures the synergy between sport and business is maximised by providing a management structure for athletes, their goals and their requirements. 

Success is a long-term strategy attained by managing the professional, personal and commercial elements of the athlete's career. By providing expert assistance and a bespoke management framework we allow the athlete to focus on performance. This philosophy ensures short-term targets are reached whilst never losing sight of an athlete's long term ambition.

From managing a rider's team relationship, creating commercial partnerships through to media management, Altus Sports Management strive to operate with passion, professionalism and integrity. 


Gary McQuaid is a UCI Certified Riders' Agent with over 10 years experience in the sporting industry. Armed with a mix of Sports Marketing credentials with global brands like adidas, TaylorMade and Oakley, as well as 3 years working as a rider agent for Rocket Sports. Gary founded Altus Sports Management with the aim of becoming one of the top sports agencies in elite professional cycling. 

A former international cyclist, Gary raced on the Irish Under-23 Cycling Team from 2000-2003 and competed in the World and European Under-23 Championships in '01 & '02 at the same time studying and graduating from University with a B.Sc in Management. 


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Our primary focus is to ensure that our management services facilitate rider performance allowing our athletes reach their long-term goals both inside and outside the world of professional cycling. By providing expert support and offering a bespoke service to the individual needs of the pro cyclist, we ensure our athletes have all they need to be the best they can be in order to reach their potential. 

Sponsorship & Commercial Strategy

Our unique expertise can help brands make strategic decisions around partnership opportunities within pro cycling - now as relevant for B2B companies as they are B2C. The most effective sponsorships in sport are based on a partnership story which is authentic at every level. Altus Sports Management assist in sourcing partnerships aligned to specific objectives, markets and business requirements. With experience working alongside most of the world’s top cycling teams we are uniquely positioned to make connections on behalf of major brands and to strategically advise those brands on sponsorship opportunities that will maximise value and ROI.