project caffeinate - Pharmacie Coffee Roasters

Coffee and cycling have been intrinsically linked since the 50’s where we can hark back on iconic images of riders in Faema Coffee kit. A team which existed from 1955 to 1969. To this day the pro peloton is slightly infatuated with coffee – riders know their R60’s (the Rocket Espresso coffee machine of choice) from their C64’s (Colnago’s flagship steed).  


The ritualistic process of creating a well made coffee before a training spin or more importantly on race day is simply another integral part of the cyclists “process” to getting out on the road. Nestled somewhere between the alarm clock, pulling the arm warmers up, twisting the Boa Fit system, donning the Jawbreakers and clipping in.  

We noticed our roster were, like many professional road cyclists, pretty in to their coffee. On the cusp of their 2nd major block of racing for the 2018 season, (the beautiful Ardennes beckoned) we endeavoured to be part of this process. Just in time for Liège - Bastogne - Liège. 

PHARMACIE COFFEE - pic Eliza Barnes

PHARMACIE COFFEE - pic Eliza Barnes

WADA lifted the ban on caffeine in 2004, previously it was limited to 8 espressos a day!

With this in mind Altus Sports Management collaborated with Pharmacie Coffee - an independent micro-roaster based in Brighton. We zoned in on their premium Archetype Blend an ethical high-ground modern take on a classic espresso: a rich & syrupy fix to fuel our rider roster’s training & racing. 

To our riders, enjoy the grind and race hard!